Marketing & Branding For Home Biz Pros – Demystified

Over the years I’ve heard more than one leader say “We discourage marketing, branding, lead gen, etc. – because it’s not duplicate-able.”

I get it.  You want to teach people to do things that are simple in the hopes that they’ll sponsor more customers & reps.

Relationship, invitations, relationship, invitations – rinse and repeat because it’s simple and it works.

Here are 2 things to think about though.

First, whether people learn marketing and branding or not, they are doing it now, already… it’s only a question of how well they’re doing it… (More on this in just a bit)

Second, If you tell people to not do something that’s proven to work – when they find out, odds are high they will distrust you and distance themselves from you.

Since I’ve been doing marketing and branding for 10 years now, and know from rock solid, undeniable personal experience that it works – messages that encourage me to do otherwise, tend to repel me.

I also know that simple, ‘duplicate-able’ actions work, so for me – I’d much prefer to teach both.

I love the quote from T Harv Eker in his book, “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind” where he says, “Poor people think in terms of either/or, wealthy people think in terms of and.”

So real quick, I want to define and demystify what branding and marketing really are so there’s no confusion.

Branding and Marketing – The best of you and your value to the market, magnified through media.

That’s it.

And guess what… People are already magnifying themselves to the market via social media.

So why not learn to do it well?

Check this out.  This is an awesome email I got last night that made my day. This is the goal of marketing & branding…

And guess what?

This morning, this awesome individual got started with me in my company.  WAHOOO!

So how did this relationship start and turn into a business relationship.

Through me sharing the best of myself and the value I can provide to the market via media.  (This is marketing and branding)

Since we’re going to be communicating, teaching, and sharing on our business journeys anyway.. .why not strive to do it in the best way we can?

Some things to think about when it comes to what you put out there as a home business owner…

Many people post anything and everything that happens in their lives or runs across their mind.

Conscious communicators (or those who are mindful of marketing and branding) do not post anything and everything.  They run their communication through some filters before sending the messages out into the market place

Here are some questions to ask yourself when constructing your marketing…

  • Will what I’m going to post communicate the message I want to send about myself and/or my company/products or business?  (If not, refrain from posting, publishing or sending)
  • Is what I’m going to post true?  (if not don’t post because nothing damages trust more than people discovering you’ve been dishonest)
  • Is what I’m going to post useful to those I’m trying to serve?
    • Educational
    • Inspirational
    • Funny
    • Interesting

To recap, at the end of the day – marketing and branding has a lot to do with just deciding to be the best that you can be, and deciding to serve the people you serve in the best way you can, and then choosing to select those pieces of content that do the best job of magnifying that to your prospective audience so they can get to know, like and trust you as you create an environment where choosing to do business with you just makes sense.

And just because you’re working on marketing and branding, doesn’t mean you have to stop relation-shipping and inviting.

In my experience – this all works way better when you’re doing it together.

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Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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