MLM Prospecting System “Do Or Dies”

money-pileThe right mlm prospecting system can mean riches while you sleep.

The wrong one will waste all of your time and leave you broke, disillusioned and burnt out.  The following 4 keys will ensure you get into profit mode quickly.

1.  Lead Capture Pages with Effective copy

The 1st key to a great mlm prospecting system is “good copy”.  “Copy” my friends, is salesmanship in print.  This is the number one skill you’ll need to get if you want to make money online.

If you are going to spend time building traffic to a website, you better make dang sure that when the people get there, the words you have on your page are persuasive enough to get them to subscribe to your list.

Good copy is where the money making magic begins.  If your copy is good, people subscribe to your list, you get mlm leads, and you make money.  Fabulous!

2.  Automatic Follow up

The 2nd “must have” for any good mlm prospecting system must is automatic follow up.  You need to have a way of communicating, building relationships and selling to mass numbers of people without spending all of your time doing this.

Time freedom, right?  That’s what you want?  Well, make sure your prospecting system has an auto responder that can do all this work for you.  Auto responders are very inexpensive, $20 to $30 per month and are worth there weight in gold.  Some MLM Prospecting Systems (like the one I use) have a built in auto responder that comes with the service.

3.  Multiple Streams of income

The statistic floating around the net is that 90% of the people you talk to will say no to your business.  If that’s truly the case, why not find a way to make money from the 90% of the people that say no to your primary opportunity?

That’s what the pros do and believe me, there is GREAT money in doing that.  If your target market is network marketers, this is really easy.  There are so many tools out there to help people get dramatic results in their business… it would be silly not to offer these tools within your automatic follow up system.

This way, you make money before people join your business, after they join your business and even if they never join your business.  Brilliant!

4.  Personal Branding

The last key, and this is very important so pay close attention, is personal branding.

There are plenty of cookie cutter systems on the market that will allow you use their “effective copy”, use their “automatic follow up systems” and even make “multiple streams of income” but the big problem with 99.9% of these systems is you are building branding someone else as the leader and building their list, not yours.

You need an mlm prospecting system that will allow you to demonstrate YOUR leadership, build trust in the eyes of your prospects and own your own list so it’s YOUR asset, not some other gurus.

This is the best way to build  trust so that people will want to follow you into your primary opportunity.

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