My Grandpa’s Superpower

One superpower of my #GrandpaFord was, he could fix anything. This is a picture of my mom, him and I in one of his large shops on his farm.

He helped me sharpen our lawnmower blades as a kid… and he always had the right tools for whatever job needed to be done, hanging on the walls.

He once told me that if you couldn’t fix stuff you wouldn’t make it long as a farmer.

I learned that his farm has been in the family since 1924.

96 years.

You can see how easy it was, not just for me, but for our whole family and community to have come to look at My Grandpa (and grandma) and their farm, and their love as a literal pillar.

A constant.

A foundation.

Something you could always count on.

A solid place you could launch your crazy life from and always know that there would be a place of love, certainty, wisdom and light to come home to.

May we all seek to provide those solid foundations for the people around us so they can have something to hold onto in the midst of a constantly changing and seemingly crazy world.

Love you so much Grandpa Ford.

3 Big Lessons…

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