Send Out Cards Scam Or Heartfelt Home Based Business

A few people have raised queries on whether or not there is a Send Out Cards scam.

Let me answer your questions right at the ‘get go”.  There is no send out cards scam. It has adopted a unique concept. Through them one can send printed greeting cards by post to people in any part of the world.

The customer chooses a card and then writes a personal message. The card is then printed, stuffed in an envelope and is then mailed to the recipient. The card costs the sender less than it would cost at a shop.

This firm has partnered with other reputable businesses. These include Business Networks International which was started by a renowned expert in networking. It is also among the largest referral organizations in the world. It is therefore clear that this card company is in good hands.

There are also opportunities of earning great money through this program. One can enroll as a wholesaler by purchasing their wholesale premium package. This package allows the user to continually purchase points and products at the lowest prices. He can therefore make profits whenever he makes any sales.

One may become a retail customer by signing up at a cost of $25 for an annual account. With this type of account the customer gets to send his first 10 cards postage included. After this, he can buy points and postage whenever he requires them.

When a customer signs up through a distributor he is allowed to send 2 free trial cards. The customer fills in some minimal information and no credit card or financial information is required. Not many companies give free trial cards.

There clearly is no Send Out Cards scam.

This is a reputable, company that sends real cards. These cards are of high quality and are usually printed on xerox 6060 digital press. It is used by thousands of people internationally. It offers an affordable way of sending cards through the post from an online source.  If there was a send out cards scam, you’d be hearing about it all over the place.

No that you know there is no send out cards scam, why not learn some new skills that can skyrocket your business? 

If you want to make a lot of money with Send Out Cards, you’ll need to find others that are passionate about marketing the program along side you.

While sorting and sifting through family and friends is a good practice that does produce results for some people, you might not want to ignore the profit producing power of the world wide web.

Using the internet, you can connect with an unlimited number of sharp, motivated hungry prospects who will be ready to join sendout cards and partner up with you in business.

It sounded to good to be true when I first heard about these tactics but having personally sponsored  32 people into my primary company over the last 2 months has made me a believer.

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5 thoughts on “Send Out Cards Scam Or Heartfelt Home Based Business”

  1. Absolutely hysterical…realist, you’re too much. Good luck. Give me your address and I’ll send you a Thank You card from SOC because you’ve confirmed once again that there are ignorant, biased and uninformed people running around this world.

  2. EThis add is a bogus attempt to try and cover the ass of send out cards. If you search the internet you will find cover ups like these all over the place trying to sway the public opinion. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS FAKE ADD. SOC is indeed a pyramid scheme. These people will spend thousands making fake videos, sending out fancy emails, advertising, even hold fake conventions and seminars. I challenge any one to prove me otherwise. I have seen this “bussiness” drastically affect the lives of many unsuspecting consumers that put all of there hope and little money they had into this so call positive home based bussiness. What other bussiness do u know that does not let you join unless u have a referal from somone else and $300 upfront FOR GREETING CARDS? It screams pyramid. Any one who doubts my statement just watch this post for a couple days. You will either see it deleted or see a FAKE rebuttal from an soc employee who will try and discredit me. But before any one even thinks about joining soc I ask you to talk to me first ([email protected]) and I will give you the true facts about send out cards. Do not buy there load of garbage.
    As for you soc, you will hearing from the Better Bussiness Bureau.

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