MLM Prospecting Tips That Can Make You A Fortune In Network Marketing

MLM Prospecting Tips

      Are you scared to pick up the phone?  Do you tremble at the thought of “selling” other people on your ideas/products or services?  Well I’m about to share with you some

    MLM Prospecting Tips

      that can take the pain away. 😉

    You see, most people dread prospecting because they have some misconceptions about what it really is.  When they think of prospecting, they think of uncomfortable encounters that are full of presentations, rejection and resolving concerns.

    Some people might even have thoughts of used car salesmen in plaid suits and shiny black shoes. read more

Monitium Review – Getting Through The Hype

Are you ready for the monitium review that will finally Expose the truth?

Well… You’ve found what you’re looking for my friend.

Monitium Review (Video)

Good morning or good afternoon and evening depending upon which time that you’re reading this article. You’ve found it my friend.

This company is attempting to address some of the concerns that exists within the network marketing industry.

Right now it’s the PERFECT timing to be involved in a home-based business.

The challenge is there are a lot of problems that really plague our industry.

For example…

*high out-ships *low retention rates *start-up companies going out of business left and right

The bottom line is that there are a lot of issues out there so you have to be careful about the company you decide to parter up with. read more

Send Out Cards Scam Or Heartfelt Home Based Business

A few people have raised queries on whether or not there is a Send Out Cards scam.

Let me answer your questions right at the ‘get go”.  There is no send out cards scam. It has adopted a unique concept. Through them one can send printed greeting cards by post to people in any part of the world.

The customer chooses a card and then writes a personal message. The card is then printed, stuffed in an envelope and is then mailed to the recipient. The card costs the sender less than it would cost at a shop. read more