Monitium Review – Getting Through The Hype

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Monitium Review (Video)

Good morning or good afternoon and evening depending upon which time that you’re reading this article.
You’ve found it my friend.

This company is attempting to address some of the concerns that exists within the network marketing industry.

Right now it’s the PERFECT timing to be involved in a home-based business.

The challenge is there are a lot of problems that really plague our industry.

For example…

*high out-ships
*low retention rates
*start-up companies going out of business left and right

The bottom line is that there are a lot of issues out there so you have to be careful about the company you decide to parter up with.

Monitium has come on the market in an attempt to solve the one of the biggest problems that sometimes, network marketers face and that is building up a team only to end up losing income due to high attrition rates and companies going out of business.

The basic idea here is that Monitium is saying “Okay guys…we’re going to be the company that you need to bring all of your teams to (on the front end) and then we are going to offer a plethora of different MLM companies (on the back end) that your downlines can join up with.

It’s definitely an interesting concept & not one that hasn’t been thought of before.

I admire these guys for their attempt to solve some of the problems that exist in the network marketing industry but if you are are wanting to build long-term residual income & really wanting to secure financial freedom for yourself and your family…there
are couple of things that you’re going to want to think about before jumping into Monitium.

ESPECIALLY if you’re a leader in the industry & have a group of people that look to you for leadership.

The first point is this.  Monitium is a startup company!  Yes.. they will be selecting companies on the back end that hopefully are stable & solid but this company in and of itself is a startup.

Start-up companies are notorious for not ever making it beyond their first couple years and it’s for this reason that I would be very very careful before I threw all my eggs in that basket.

The second point is this… One of the biggest reasons people fail to generate income from home is the fact that they have a hard time with focus.

Monitium attempts to hone the focus in on them for the front end but then they are going to scatter that focus on the back end with a myriad of different MLM companies to select from.

I for one… I’m really uneasy about spreading my down line into multiple different MLM companies.  I think it could potentially be a focus KILLER!

You know, this company could be a great opportunity, I’m not saying that it’s not.  These are just some thoughts that have gone through my mind as I’ve looked at this from a neutral standpoint.

There IS some hype out there as well.  Some are saying “HEY THIS IS THE NEXT BIG THING” and “DON’T MISS THE BOAT… So and so is MAKING SOOO MUCH MONEY WITH THIS.”

Don’t by into the hype whatever you do.  Sit back, relax… do your due diligence, investigate the people involved with the company and make  an informed decision.

How To Make A Fortune In Network Marketing

My friend, whether you choose to go with Monitium or some another more established network marketing company you need to know that there are fortunes to be made in this industry.

Are you going to be someone that makes  a fortune in MLM?  It all boils down to 2 things.

1)  You need to develop yourself as a leader and communicator.  Develop yourself, learn to relate and learn to help others get what they want.

2)  Once you’ve done that… it’s very helpful to be able to market yourself & your skills on a Mass scale.  The internet is a perfect medium for doing this.

In fact, using the internet I’ve been able to sponsor 83 reps personally over the last 90 days in my network marketing company.

Wanna learn how I did it?  Head on over to and I’ll give you my EXACT blueprint.  FOR FREE! 

5 thoughts on “Monitium Review – Getting Through The Hype”

  1. @Arnold Thanks for the comment my friend and let me say that you make some very good points.

    It's great to get some perspective from someone actually in the company. Oftentimes we get the very BEST perspective from those actually in the company. It's kind of funny that we're all out here doing reviews on companies and in many cases… there's know way for us to fully understand all the ins and outs when we do a review.

    Once again… Appreciate you, your thoughts and your leadership. I wish you all the success in the world with Monitium.

  2. Hey Paul, I appreciate you honest opinion of Monitium. You are a great guy and you do a fantastic job of evaluating companies from an unbiased position and give your humble and honest opinion.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to rebut a couple of things that you said:
    1 – Yes, you're right, it is a start-up but it's a system similar to MLSP, it's not an MLM company. MLM companies are the ones that have such a hard time making it through the first couple of years, you can't really kill a system.
    2 – Yes, you're right, other people have tried to do something similar in the past but those were more like “Genealogy clubs” where people could join the club and they would pick companies to join. The problem with those is the fact that the people within the club were still looked at by the MLM company as an individual so they were treated as such. Monitium actually contracts with the companies that they add to the portfolio and as associates, the start up and the auto-ship is discounted.
    3 – The Monitium associates aren't spreading themselves thin with the multiple companies because the only thing they are focused, laser focused on is referring people to the Monitium Success System and in turn building their Minitium team which generates multiple streams of residual income through the MLM companies in the Monitium portfolio.

    Anyway, just a few thought I had to answer the concerns you have. Talk to ya soon brother.

  3. Excellent, Paul.

    This reminds me of that HILARIOUS video you did months ago–“MLM” with Dave on the airplane. So dang funny. . . . to think, you could have been the headhoncho and started up your own company with the ideas from your video–and above. Nice. HA!

    Thanks for the info. . .right, I”m FOCUSING!

    Charlotte Reid

  4. hey brutha , i appreciate the article. Laser focus is the key as u state, excellent mlm advice

    much love bro

    Justin Verrengia


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