MPB Today Review – (They may hate me for this…)

Ok… It’s time for an honest, uncut MPB today Review from Mr. Paul Hutchings… Ha ha.. love talking about myself in the 3rd person. lol.

So here’s the thing… MPB Today has literally SWEPT the nation. I’ve had several friends jump into this thing… I’ve had potential business partners choose MPB over my current opportunity….I’ve even had members of my down line join MPB today.

So what’s the deal?

Why haven’t I gotten all flustered and jumped on board the launchpad of the next big wave?

2 reasons…

And if you are seriously looking at making money from home… I mean real, solidLONG TERM money… I highly advise you to consider the points I’m about to make in this MPB Today review.

What do you get when you drop your $200 bucks to get into this company?

You get a certificate redeemable for $200 worth of mail order groceries. It’s for this reason that MPB reps are shouting from the mountain tops that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I mean.. c’mon… $200 buy in… for $200 groceries in return. Even I’ll admit – That’s a NO Brainer.

But WAIT…. not so fast my fine feathered financial freedom seeking friend. Did they tell you that in order to redeem your certificate you have to pay for the shipping on the groceries?

Last time I checked it was going to run me about $80 to get my groceries to Idaho where I live.

So here’s the thing… If was to walk over to my neighbors house and say “Leo (yes that’s his real name)… Hey Leo! I’ve hit the jackpot man! I know where we can get $200 worth of groceries for ONLY $280! It’s amazing!”

What’s Leo going to tell me? He’s gonna say.. “Paul… get outta my house! You’ve lost it”.

There you have it my friend… MPB Today has NO customer base. I’ve made this point to countless reps and they always reply… “but Paul… If you cycle (get 6 into your matrix).. you don’t have to pay for the shipping on the groceries”.


They get left holding the bag.

The bag of overpriced groceries that is. 🙂

For me to feel good about an opportunity… there has to be REAL value provided in exchange for the money I’m collecting from the people I do business with.

Pyramid schemes (getting money with no value) are great for the guy/gal that fills out the pyramid but what about the people that get suckered into dumping their money into the scheme and are unable to fill out the pyramid?

They lose!

Network marketing is a legitimate business model BECAUSE (in theory) we are supposed to provide value in exchange for the money. If you have a marketable product that helps people, NO ONE LOSES in network marketing even if some are unable to build a business.

Ok.. 1 more reason I haven’t jumped on MPB.

MPB has a 1 time buy in. That’s great and it appeals to a lot of people. In fact, that’s one of the points that proponents of these 2 X 2 follow me matrix plans tout from the pulpit.

How do I know?

Because I was involved in the original 2 x 2 follow me matrix. It was great for a while… I made great money… but you know what happened?

When I stopped recruiting…. the money stopped coming in.

Compare that to a network marketing organization that I built last year. I haven’t touched that business for 9 months and guess what?

I get a size-able check every single month.

If you want to be in sales all your life… go ahead and jump into something that pays out on a 1 time investment.

If you want financial FREEDOM for your family… you need to be involved in an enterprise that commands long term loyalty and commitment from your team. Something that will allow them to feel like they are building something for the future.

It’s in this way that you can build a strong team of loyal business partners that can all work together to achieve AMAZING, Life changing FREEDOM!

To conclude this MPB today review let me just say that it’s NOT a scam. It’s a real company that delivers some value for the investment. They also pay commissions when you do the work required of you.

It has MASS appeal and LOTS of people are jumping on board.

Whether or not it’s for you will depend on your values and your long term goals. Hopefully this article has given you some valid points in helping you make that crucial decision.


220 thoughts on “MPB Today Review – (They may hate me for this…)”

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  83. Hey guys Paul is a Great guy and a good Marketer and knows how to get Leads aside from that I just joined Jon Mroz above in MPB Today about 30 min ago because he lives right in my home town and provides killer training for his team.

    I like the idea of getting Free food and there are a lot of MPB today reviews going around that are false because the Company changed their Comp Plan and there is Residual income built into the plan now. I don’t know about you but I just spent $200 Dollars on a program where I am going to get 100% of my start up cost back in the form of Free Food or a $200 Dollar Wal-mart gift card. What MLM do you know of that is going to give your start up costs back plus bonus checks when you rise in the Comp plan not many?

    Also they have partnered up with a Financial Education Company that has been around for 14 years and has a A+ rating with the BBB!

  84. Ok here is my experience with MPB. I TOTALLY GOT RIPPED OFF. Its been 7 weeks and I still have not recieved a single check…I also have gotten people in, I dont see why if I never got anything from them but i still did. They promised me that as a young college student I would be making money easily and I didnt have to worry about grocerys or gas for as long as i stayed with MPB. They promised one of my friends and me that we would make our $200 back within 2 weeks and so far NOTHING. If someone was to ask me I would highly recomend not to join. Personally my experience was bad and if I could go back in time I would not even think about joining.

  85. Therew are always thoughts of decension when one is attempting to better themselves. Surprising that no complaints are made by all the white collar management and CEO’s at Proctor & Gamble, Kraft, Sears Kellogg’s, etc for the pyramid structures that they sit on top of.
    I understand if products can be purchased its no pyramid. Advertisement dollar is back in the hands of the seller. No work no pay. It cost me every time I go to market even when I buy nothing. I understand mileage is fifty one cent a mile now.

  86.  MPB did very clearly tell me about the Postage and thats why I am waiting like most people and getting a walmart gift card after I cycle This is money i spend every week anyway and now i will not have to spend my money on gas and food anymore . and we all will reap what we sow this is also promoting giving and sharing what we have helping others ! Its just the same with other companys if we dont do our part we wont succeed in any of them.

  87. Wow, so u had to discredit one business just to promote ur own, I knew how it would end after the 3rd sentence.

  88. I think ur review is honest n fine….. but the reality is yes some people will join n tell maybe 5 people get a neg. response n give up… is their choice to give up…. there is obviuosly a market for it and if u live in a delivery area it is $12.50 for delivery (which i think is fair) n if u dont live in a delivery area opt for the walmart card ….also yes when u join u should understand that if u opt for the groc. u will be paying shipping (to a shipping company) based on weight n market value of shipping costs if dont live in a delivery area…..if u so choose to give in and stop networking……i have family who have joined tastefully simple, passion parties, tupperware, etc…. n ALL lost money in it because they didnt work it or do it right…..its all up to each individual… to make it or break it…… i look at it as a $10 investment and about a $60 risk (based on shipping charges pending what u order n where u live) I think its better odds than the lottery………=) Thankx for reading my thoughts……i truly think its a great opp for people to take advantage of to create residual income…….if u comprehend what ur getting into….

  89. I cannot consider you as unbiased when you are comparing the business you are reviewing to your own business.  It seems to me you are just saying how much better your “opportunity” is than MPB.  All I see is calling them by different handles…such as pyramid versus network marketing.  Honest and uncut review?  Then you backtrack and say you just wrote this to give your thoughts and opinion.  That is not what you say at the beginning of your article.  Just another guy trying to suck people in.

    • Thanks for the comment Jpenn. 

      Here’s the reality.   What exactly, did I say in the article about MPB Today that was false? 

      Answer – nothing…

      You claim I am saying that my opportunity is better than MPB Today… Pretty tough to do considering the fact that I mention absolutely nothing about my opportunity… name.. comp plan specifics.. product etc… in the so-called “comparison”. 

      As to your claim that I “backtrack”…  My opinion IS my honest and uncut review.  No backtracking there. 

      Once again, you fall into the category of those MPB Today(ers)  who take issue with my review, because I point out some of the downsides to the company. 

      I say to you, as I’ve said to everyone else….

      Battle me on the points I mention in the article… PLEASE! 

      Don’t just tell me you think I’m a jerk for not liking your company. 

      Is the grocery voucher a good deal if you don’t intend to build a business?  

      Is there a repeat monthly order?  (The fact that there isn’t actually is an upside for many people.. just not for me as I like residual income)

      Those are the points I made in the article. 

      Was I wrong in pointing those 2 aspect out? 

      If so, please show me.

      Best of luck to you in your endeavors to build a business from home. 


    • “honest and uncut”, and “thoughts and opinion”. How are these descriptions contradictory? And where did it say this review was unbiased? Is your comment unbiased? We all have biases, it’s what makes the world go around. You can respectfully post your opinion without making personal judgements on people you don’t know. Your comment comes off as an attempt to convince yourself.

  90. I call guys like you smoke and mirrors. So what if you can get on the first Google search page. Who are you there with mpb today! Because mpb today will teach you to get to the top of that page.If  you where so confident in what you have and if you had any faith in your company, you would not feel the need to BASH another.Bashing this something that people do when they feel threaten. You are probably good at what you do, but by doing what your doing here it shows weakness.Is that what you what to teach your down line? And  another thing, blogs like this are designed to get people email addresses so you can spam them.

    • Not quite sure if your comment is intelligent enough to even warrant a response but hey, since I wrote  this post … why not.

      If you take issue with the points I made in this article, the best way to combat them and make yourself heard would be to thoughtfully and logically show how the points I make are false. 

      You, as many others have done, simply decide to personally attack me without addressing any of the points that you disagree with. 

      This demonstrates that you really have no foundation for your disagreement. 

      You simply read the article, got mad because we differ in our opinions and lashed back with a personal attack. 

      That, as I’m sure my readers will agree does nothing to further your position. 


      • Paul, you say mpb today is not a scam.Then, unless I’m misunderstanding, you make it out to be a pyramid scheme.You know that’s not true.

        I’ve seen people thoughtfully and logically show how the points you make are false.But that doesn’t change your point of view and that’s OK because you have the right to your opinion.

        I thought I made my  issue clean. The issue is bashing mpb today to promote your own business.

        Paul, I don’t know anything about your business and even if I did. I would never, ever, start a blog to bash it! That’s your passion. I don’t think any one should do that and to do it too promote your self or for personal gain. That’s even worse! That’s Just my opinion.

          • No whining here Timmy just two grown men with two different methods.But thanks, I will check that out. Some thing you might want to check out is a book called “YOU and YOUR Network” by Fred Smith

        • Greg,

          Look.. Here’s the thing.. When I first wrote this review I was probably a little too harsh. 

          This article accurately represents my feelings about MPB Today (as they were at the time of this post). 

          Since then, I have softened up on my position a little. 

          The points I make in this article are still valid and until MPB Today makes some changes. 

          That being said, there is a HUGE market of people out there that just want to make money and don’t care at all about waiting until a cycle to redeem their groceries or even paying extra for the shipping. 

          From that standpoint, MPB does have a “customer base” and my initial assessment was perhaps off in that area. 

          On my intentions – My purpose is to give people good information that will help them research/evaluate different business opportunities.  It’s never my intent to “bash” a company.  Sometimes my opinions may not jive with what the reps in a particular company may feel and that’s OK. 

          **Of course I am out to connect with people, build relationships and share my business opportunity  with those that are open.  This is not a “hidden agenda” it’s an extremely affective way to market your business and impact a lot of people with your messages. 

          That being said, I wish you the best in whatever business ventures you pursue. 

          MPB Today has a big market, it’s attractive to the masses and you CAN make a lot of money with it.

          If there is anything I can do to help… just let me know.


          Paul Hutchings

          • Paul,I too was a little harsh. I shouldn’t have referred to you as smoke and mirrors.Like I said before, your probably good at what you do.I’m sure this is an affective way to market your business.I guess that you and I  have two different ways of building relationships.

             Good luck!

    • As Paul said, I also am torn about even dignifying this comment with a response, but Paul was generous enough to let it be published. This article provides a fair review, pointing out pros and cons. Because there is a flaw in this type of comp plan, it will never get a full endorsement from those who’ve discovered a better plan that will result in much less attrition. Greg, beware of righteous rage, it will get you nowhere in business, nowhere in life. If you ever achieve 1/10 of the success online that Paul Hutchings has achieved, you’ll still be financially independent. Best of luck.

  91. All of you suggesting that Paul is competing with you and that’s why the bad review…that’s funny. Check the google searches on your opportunity, his site is first page. If Paul wanted to he could build massive teams in this business or any other business…that’s WHY I trust his reviews. Even though he could easily do it, he chose not to, and this post is simply his explanation of why. Not everyone is going to love your opportunity…there is a word for it when you think they should… it’s called “righteous rage”. Beware of righteous rage.

  92. Cycling no thank-you! . Heck were is the value in that? I have had several friends try this and short end of the stick every time and try to get me involed. I am certainly one who researched, researched. researched and looked at over 10 network marketing companies before every making a decision.
    If people would step back and stop letting their emotions or the the one pitching you play on your emotions with hype and find the solid foundation company’s so many would not get hurt.
    When I found the right fit for me the decision maker was, there was no lavish vacations, no fancy cars, and mansions anywhere in the presentation. True value to the products and no product loading or volumes to buy ……..ahhh novel idea! If they have not been in business for more than 15 years or more I turned my head. Network marketing is relationship marketing, long term and get rich quick, no you don’t it is WORK………be sure to plan on 5-7 years but be sure you hurt no one along the way and ready for a long haul!
    Too many change their names or revamp their programs to me that is too scary. Guess who wins all up at the top!

  93. I kind of started this process bass ackwards. You’d think I’d learn since I’ve poured so much money into home base businesses and MLM programs that have not paid off. BUT I joined MPB Today at the recommendation of an acquaintance and THEN started researching it to see if it was a scam. I ran across this site and boy did I get an ear full 🙂 I appreciate everyone’s input here. You all have very valid points. I can see that there are many out there being successful with the program, and although it may not be for everyone, to include Paul, I can see that it is NOT a scam and I think I’ll give it a go.
    For those of you who are working this as a business you may want to take advantage of a free VIP Pass at to listen to Ron Mueller on the tax benefits of a home based business. Thank you all for your great comments.

    • Hey EmyG…

      No worries my friend. Like has already been covered here.. MPB is a business that has Mass Market appeal and you CAN make A lot of money with it.

      Just find the ones who like it and forget about the ones that don’t.

      Best of luck to you!

  94. I know that a lot of people clearly love this program, and I’m not here to bash it, but I think that Paul brings up some very valid points. There’s also the problem that $200 worth of coupons doesn’t mean a whole lot. As a mom and wife who clips coupons but doesn’t have space to store food long term, if you send me $200 in coupons for items I’ll never purchase or use then what’s the point? Heck, even if I can use 3/4 of the coupons that’s $50 for $150 in groceries plus shipping (I live in North Dakota and shipping stuff up here is ALWAYS expensive) I’m looked at maybe saving $35 if I’m lucky, and I can save that by just getting coupons online.

    • To LisaND,
      More comments from misinformed people. Mpb is not a coupon clipping business. They do have a fully stocked warehouse in Penscola, Fla. And we are told they just partnered with the largest wholesale grocery company in america. This company has 27 distribution centers nationwide. They are now ramping up the computer setup to enhance delivery of the groceries. Their groceries are top brands and delivered by ups to your door.
      We are all consumers of their product, FOOD!!! From 1 to 100 plus we all need food. And you become one of their customer base when you join.
      Also no one seems to know that their compensation plan has 4 phases. Remember the profit from the groceries is also a part of the pay plan.

      This site has more info for making an intelligent decision.


      • One must assume that the company they “partnered” with is Walmart/Sam’s Club, which has stocked warehouses around the country, Walmart = low wages, no bene’s, anti-organized labor. I currently have an older lady that is trying to “sell” me on MPB Today, sounds like a pyramid system, much like Amway (been there, done that, yuck). Everyone that has contacted me about this is older. Seems like the “target” customer are the older folks who look for ways 2 supplement their meager income among other reasons (get rich quick, less trips 2 the store, etc). They don’t currently deliver except in Pensacola, so here’s a Walmart card, go drive to the nearest store or Sam’s club and buy what you need..I’ll pass thank you and continue to look for something that fits my needs…

  95. I just joined the MPB and so far it is super easy. For 10 bucks a year they give you a website that explains the business completely and people can join for free and earn their 200 bucks or they can join as an affiliate right on my website. So if you join and have a good forum, such as this, to add alink and promote your personal MPB website…you don’t have to sell it at all. Let folks click your link and join up on their own, you never even have to talk to them…but your phone number is on the website so folks can contact you. Check it out…

  96. It’s simple. If you work, you get paid in any MLM. In MPB’s case. I prefer a one time investment than a month to month buying and selling products. And FOOD definately gets consumed on a daily basis. Why not make some money as well.

  97. Hello Paul,
    I can appreciate your intent to be as unbiased as possible in your review but let’s be totally honest; all legit network marketing / mlm companies work the same way when it comes to breaking even or making profits. Whatever your initial investment is to get started you never get the hold investment back if you do not get customers or business builders. You have to build a customer base or leverage off of your business building efforts and everyone knows that the real money is in leveraging your time through recruiting/sponsoring others interested in the business model. As for those who are not able to cycle or qualify for whatever reason and let’s face it the only real reason is because of personal mindset blocks e.g., ” I am afraid to tell or ask any of my friends, associates or strangers to take a look at whatever it is you are hoping to sale or share”. One last thing Paul if you are going to give reviews tell the people upfront that it is your hope, desire & intent to get as many people to contact you as possible so you can sort people into whatever it is that you are into.

    • Hey Dwinbiz,

      Thanks for your comment.

      Here’s the reality. Most network marketing companies are “business only enterprises”.

      What I mean by that is that most of the products are overpriced and in reality, the only people that would buy the products are those who are engaging in the business.

      You make a good point in your post by pointing out that MPB Today is no different from these companies that really do not have any customer base.

      My point here, is that, for me… my personal preference is to market something that I can gather customers with as WELL as find business partners.

      Once again… I wrote this article to give my thoughts and opinions.

      Maybe I was a little too harsh.

      If I was, I’m sorry but they were my thoughts and opinions at the time I wrote this article.

      There certainly IS a big market for MPB today and a LOT of people seem to really like it and in the end… I guess that’s the real test isn’t it?

      And about your last comment….

      I appreciate your conjecture as to my desires but you are mistaken there.

      My desire is to help people find things that will help them in their lives.

      My desire is to help other home business owners learn skills that will allow them to be successful in their businesses.

      If they are looking for a business opportunity… Sure I will share with them what I am doing but my first intent is them.

      It’s called “Value Based Service”.

      Putting the client first, before your own wants and needs.

      I think we are moving into a new era of home business entrepreneurs.

      Gone will be the days of blind, selfish recruiting.

      The new paradigm is this…

      We need to be consultants and experts in our fields and provide top notch service based on the clients needs/wants… not based on our own needs/ wants.

      In summation… Yes… I do share with people the things I feel have great business potential if they are open and looking for something but that’s not my first priority.

      My first priority (desire) is to help people and I clearly state that at the top of each post so there are no hidden agendas here my friend.

      I wish you the best in MPB Today and appreciate your comment.


      Paul Hutchings

  98. Hi Paul, I want to take this moment to thank you… THANK YOU!!! Your information was on point and exactly what I needed to know to make my decision. I do also want to be in a business that can give me financial freedom and a valueable honest return bringing true satisfaction for others as myself. Thank you for taking your time to inform us about MPB.

    • Natalia,

      Thank YOU for appreciating my honest review. I’m so glad it helped and gave you some helpful information.

      If there is anything I can ever do for you in relation to building a home based business… please don’t hesitate to ask.

      Thanks again for your comment.


  99. Like Selfbiz, you’re not mentioning the benefits you get when you cycle. I am a college student and I’ve been working for 2 days with them and I already have $400 worth of groceries, free shipping on those groceries, 200 gift certificate card for walmart, and $200 in cash.

    You’ll simply trying to down their business because they’re a competitor to yours.

    • Hi Jacob,
      Thanks for this update on how you’re doing with this business. I’m looking at this plan, now, for myself. I think it’s a shame when people let other people discourage them from fully investigating a business opportunity. People can spend their whole lives reading how every business is a scam or has certain deficiencies and end up, never fully investigating anything or making any money at all, because the person criticizing that business is just trying to get customers for his own show.

      • I love how you guys keep saying I’m criticizing MPB and just trying to get customers for my “own show” without disputing ANY of the FACTUAL points I make in the article.

        Let’s stop criticizing each other and start looking at REALITY shall we?

        If you say an orange is an apple and I say.. no it’s really an orange… Who’s right?

        And as for your comment that “It’s a shame when people let other people discourage them from fully investigating a business opportunity”…. That’s all I’m doing with this article…. I’m giving people a chance to “fully investigate” by seeing what the MPB reps will NOT tell their potential recruits.

        Wouldn’t you say that’s a critical piece of “a full investigation”.

        Again.. let me reiterate… I’m NOT saying MPB Today is a scam.

        It’s certainly not!

        I just don’t see full value in the product offered because you have to build the business in order to make it a good deal for the consumer.

  100. You failed to mention that you receive a 250% return on your investment on the first cycle.
    You receive a $200.00 Walmart Gift Card and a $300.00 check = $500.00.
    You don't redeem your grocery voucher, simply earn your cycle and the above arrives in the mail within 10 days of cycling.

    • Hey Selfbiz net – That’s not the point my friend. You can have all the benefits in the world for the business builders but if the value is not there for the customers… It’s not something I want to participate in.

      You DO get benefits when you cycle. But again… what about the person who does not cycle… The custeomer. That’s my point.

      I’m not downplaying the program because it’s different from mine. These are my honest thoughts and opinions and I seem to be making some valid points, wouldn’t you agree?

    • I checked into this so called watchdog myself, turns out he sells comp plans to MLM
      companies and when MPB didn’t buy his deal, he turned on them. Most people have an ulterior motive when they review another company, do your homework yourself and don’t be swayed by someone who is trying to promote their own deal. It is your future that you are building.

      • Please provide a source for the charge you just laid on the owner of… That’s a pretty serious allegation and it deserves some proof if you’re going to make that kind of claim.

  101. Hey Charlotte! Thank you SOOOO much for your compliments. (I'm blushing). But really… you make some great points in your comment. Fads DO come and go…. I've been involved with 1 to many startups to ever have a desire to gamble my future on a company that's not proven.

    I will keep the reviews coming. Look forward to seeing some more of your excellent content as well!

    Never give up on your dreams! 😉

  102. Paul, excellent job. You show true dedication and leadership. Thanks for helping us to see that fads will come and go, and if we pick a company with products that match our values, we will achieve success as we help others achieve success along this excellent path of online network marketing. Cheers–and keep these excellent reviews coming! I love the value you give me–so that I'm “in the know!” Thank you!


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