Exfuze Scam; Is This Company A Scam Or Not?

exfuze sevenThere has been some controversy about Exfuze scam;

Whether there is an Exfuze scam or the company is a legitimate business. Exfuze is actually a genuine company that deals in products aimed at improving the health and wealth of their customers. They market and sell their products through networking.

Company leaders and business model are testament that there is no exfuze scam.

The directors of the company are brothers Rick and Don Cotton. One of them is highly respected in the industry of network marketing and is also a dynamic speaker. The other brother was an executive at Microsoft and won various awards for his achievements. This company is therefore run by a capable team.

Most illegitimate companies do not deal in a tangible product. On the contrary, Exfuze markets Seven+ juices. This is a range of delicious and nutritious drinks bottled using glass bottles.

Exfuze was some time back featured on Success Magazine. This shows that there must be something they are doing right. Such magazines do not feature dubious businesses.  This is a great indicator that there is no exfuze scam.

Also, there is a chance of earning through this company. One can join as a distributor to market their juices through network marketing. When a person signs up as a distributor the firm gives him a website from where he can operate his business.

Their compensation plan for distributors is based on binary plan. This means that a distributor only needs to recruit two people to start earning. To earn high commissions one should recruit as many people as possible.

The firm enables distributors to earn in various ways. They can earn through retail sales, preferred customer sales or fast start bonuses. They may also earn through team commissions and bonuses. For those who are hardworking, consistent and diligent it is possible to earn without limits.  If there was an Exfuze scam, I doubt there would be so many happy distributors.

Therefore, there is no such thing as Exfuze scam.

It’s a legitimate business that sells nutritional juices. Its distributors can also earn from their simple and easy to understand pay plan. It aims at improving both the physical and financial well being of its members.

Nope, no exfuze scam.

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