MLM Prospecting Tips That Can Make You A Fortune In Network Marketing

MLM Prospecting Tips

      Are you scared to pick up the phone?  Do you tremble at the thought of “selling” other people on your ideas/products or services?  Well I’m about to share with you some

MLM Prospecting Tips

    that can take the pain away. 😉

You see, most people dread prospecting because they have some misconceptions about what it really is.  When they think of prospecting, they think of uncomfortable encounters that are full of presentations, rejection and resolving concerns.

Some people might even have thoughts of used car salesmen in plaid suits and shiny black shoes.

No wonder you’re terrified to prospect!

Prospecting can actually be one of the funnest, most rewarding experiences you’ll ever engage in IF you look at it in the right light.

Are you ready to have a complete paradigm shift?

Prospecting really boils down to 4 points.

1)  Making friends

2) Asking questions

3) Finding needs

4) Suggesting solutions

Making Friends
Would you like to meet people all over the world and hear of life in places like Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia or Cape Town, South Africa?

I have friends & business partners in these exact places (and many more) because I’ve come to look at prospecting in the right light.  It’s all about making friends.

What’s cool about making friends is that you can actually encompass the first 3 prospecting fundamentals (mentioned above) in the relationship building process.

In order to make a friend.. you first have to ask questions to learn about the person on the other end of the line.

Questions like….

“Where are you from”

“How long have you lived there?”

“What do you do for a living?”

“Are you married?  Have any children?”

Your first goal in asking questions is to learn about the person.

The 2nd goal is to relate.

What do I mean by “relate”?  I mean… inject a little of your personal story or personality into the conversation. When someone says “I have 4 kids” you can say “Oh wow.. I have 3 kids.” (only if you really have them of course).

If you don’t have kids.. you can say something about kids like.. Oh.. I have 3 nieces and I sure enjoy spending time with them.  Whatever it is… you want to relate to show the other person that you are LIKE them (in other words – YOU ARE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING).

When you’re relating you’ll want to keep it short and then go back to the person with another question… Again… the conversation is all about THEM!  Ask a question… relate a little and then ask another question.

Through this entire process be LISTENING! You’ve heard it before and I’ll write it here so you can read it again…”God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth..why?”  So we could LISTEN more than we TALK!

Good MLM Prospecting is about just that… Listening more than you talk.  If you really get good at asking questions, listening and asking more questions your prospect (or friend) will tell you exactly where there pain is.

This is where you are now in KEY position to share with them something that you believe will be a solution to their problem.

WARNING! – Sometimes this may NOT be what you’re selling

If you have their best interest at heart, they will feel that & begin to know like and trust you.

How will they know and like you?  Because you asked questions (got to know them), related (let them know you a little) and tried to help them solve their challenges by really LISTENING for a need & suggesting a solution.

Make Sense?

These MLM Prospecting Tips should help you become a MASTER recruiter, rise to the top of your company and make an absolute fortune in the wonderful world of network marketing.

Remember my friend,  a rising tide lifts all ships and THAT is why you want to MASTER these simple MLM Prospecting tips.  So you can be a blessing not only to your own family but to the lives of countless others who are waiting for you to show them a better way.

Never give up on your dreams!

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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17 thoughts on “MLM Prospecting Tips That Can Make You A Fortune In Network Marketing”

  1. Glad it helped Heidi.. this really is the KEY to successful recruiting & sponsoring in Network Marketing and prospecting in MLSP!

    Upward and onward my friend!

  2. Thank you Paul! You bring back the reality in network marketing! So many people out there mix up network marketing and Internet marketing, although they can be used hand in hand. Network marketing is about building relationships no matter how you do it.

  3. Thank you Paul! You bring back the reality in network marketing! So many people out there mix up network marketing and Internet marketing, although they can be used hand in hand. Network marketing is about building relationships no matter how you do it.

  4. @ Jeff – Thanks my friend. That is a fabulous compliment and one I sincerely appreciate. 🙂

    @ Gabriel – Hey Gabriel… Thanks for swinging by my blog man.. Great to connect with you. And yes… the vast majority of people confuse internet marketing and network marketing.

    Network marketing will ALWAYS be a relationship business. We CAN use the internet to greatly expand our scope of influence and build relationships in a major way but it's still about relationships! Thanks again for the comment and I look forward to connecting with you on the phone sometime soon!

  5. Thanks Paul! You're so right – prospecting s/b about meeting people and building the relationship instead of just trying to get the sale. People don't like to be sold but they love to talk! I'm also going to listen to this a few times.

  6. @ Lynn – You reminded me of a mentor I had once. He always said.. “become a student of human nature”. One aspect of human nature he always told us about is that people don't like to be sold (Just like you said) but they DO like to buy. I think that should be the goal.. help people feel like they are in a situation where they are making the purchase. Find a need… suggest a solution and let them buy from you.

    Thanks for the comment! Good discussion going on with this. Fortunes will be made with these things we're learning from each other. Just watch!


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