Genewize Alert Chocolate Chews – Mmmm good?

Genewize Alert Chocolate chews are a “healthy” chocolate snack being brought to market by Genewize Life Sciences.

Imagine no more broken New Year’s Resolutions.

Imagine being able to indulge in the sweet and savory bliss of chocolate treats without the guilty feelings usually associated with eating things you shouldn’t.

Imagine, eating chocolate till your heart is content, knowing that you are actually doing something good for your health. read more

Genewize Scam? Get The Facts Now!

Is there a Genewize Scam?

You’re not the only one asking that question my friend.

Imagine this.  You swab your cheek with a Q-tip,  toss it in a manila envelope addressed to Genewize life sciences and a few weeks later get back some pills that you pop in your mouth and rinse down with some orange juice.

A few minutes later you’re doing back flips down the stairs and outrunning your neighbors Porsche… ON FOOT! read more