Genewize Scam? Get The Facts Now!

Is there a Genewize Scam?

You’re not the only one asking that question my friend.

Imagine this.  You swab your cheek with a Q-tip,  toss it in a manila envelope addressed to Genewize life sciences and a few weeks later get back some pills that you pop in your mouth and rinse down with some orange juice.

A few minutes later you’re doing back flips down the stairs and outrunning your neighbors Porsche… ON FOOT!

Well, ok.. Genewize doesn’t promise backflips down the stairs or superhuman speed but they do make some very unique and cutting-edge health claims.

According to this revolutionary company, each human on the planet have slight genetic variations that make our bodies respond differently to food, vitamins and skincare products.

Because of these variations, they say that vitamins currently on the market cannot possible address the individual health needs that we all have.

According to Genewize, the solution is not another one-size-fits all vitamin, but a unique health supplement, specifically formulated based upon each customers specific genetic code.


There are a couple reasons that people believe there is genewize scam at work here.

Some people simply do not believe that science has advanced far enough to be able to analyze genetic code and produce specific vitamins based on that data.

Had this company just popped up on the market out of no where, I might have to agree with those folks.

The truth is, however, Genewize is a subsidiary of Genelink – a 12 year old, publicly traded bio sciences company with a proven track record.

No, my friends, Genewize vitamins are not concocted in some dude’s garage. These vitamins have many years of research to back up the claims and are produced by a well respected leader in the field.

For this reason, I would have to say “No genewize scam based on those claims.”

Another sore spot for the “genewize scam” crowd is the fact that these products are being marketed through the network marketing model.

In some circles, MLM is still somewhat of a dirty word.

Archaic, ignorant, and uneducated circles that is.

Network marketing today is recognized as one of the greatest distribution and wealth creation models ever invented.

Yes, there have been some schemes and scandals mixed in with prior MLM companies and projects. Just as there have been schemes and scandals mixed in with real estate projects, small businesses and mega corporations.

No my friend, MLM is a great business model and any “genewize scam” claim made on this account is clearly ridiculous.

There is no Genewize Scam

The fact is, a scam involves deception, false or misleading claims.

Genewize markets products that are backed by science. When you pay for products, you’ll get them. When you refer customers, you’ll get paid for your efforts.

There is no Genewize scam.

That being said, if you think you’re going to be able to enroll in this company, tell a few people and laugh your way to the bank with your new found fortune, you are clearly mistaken.

Success in Genewize, just as in any other business venture, will require your being able to connect with and influence mass numbers of people.

If you want to make a lot of money in Genewize, you need to learn how TOP Genewize reps like Jonathan Budd, Katie Freiling and Tom Wood are recruiting mass numbers of people into this company.

The answer?

Internet Marketing. With the internet you can literally develop a genewize marketing pipeline that can feed you leads, customers, signups and cash flow for the rest of your life.


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