ACN Pyramid Scheme? Why I’m Laughing…

I was researching “ACN pyramid scheme” on google and was led to this realtor’s website where he posted the following picture and said that there was an ACN pyramid scheme.

I am laughing out loud as I write this post and I’m about to tell you why.  Maybe we can have a laugh together.

This picture illustrates the argument used by many people to claim that network marketing and companies like ACN are pyramid schemes.

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This argument states that because you’ll eventually run out of people in the world to provide revenue to the company or the project, that it must be a scam.

Ha, ha ha… If that’s the case then not only is there an ACN pyramid scheme, but every company in the world must be a scam because,my goodness, they will eventually run out of people to sell stuff to”.

This is similar to people’s desire to be involved in network marketing opportunities only when “they are ground floor” or new to the market.

This is because people believe that after a  company has been on the market for a few years everyone will have already heard about it or have been enrolled into the company.

Do you realize that there are over 6 BILLION people on the planet.  The only company that may run out of people to market to is the Government.  🙂

Do you see how ridiculous this argument is?

More on Pyramid Schemes
“A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, without any product or service being delivered.”

Please, please, please read that definition and understand it so you don’t make a fool out of yourself the next time one of your friends or family members tells you about a network marketing project they are working on.

MLM and network marketing companies are perfectly legal because they sell a product or service in exchange for money.

The money is not received for “getting people into the program”.  This would be an illegal pyramid scheme.

I hope you can see why there is no ACN pyramid scheme.

Acn has been on the market since the 90’s, they do business in 20 countries and they they are the largest direct seller of telecommunication services.


Now that that’s out of the way let me tell you why many people really don’t like MLM.

At some point in their lives, they were told that if they bought some stuff, told a few people about it and had them buy some stuff… and then watched that duplicate for a few months they’d become wealthy.

Well Bull! After 10 years in home business, I have to admit Network marketing doesn’t seem to work that way.

If you tell a few, odds are the few you told will sit around and do nothing.

That doesn’t mean MLM doesn’t work. It just means some people don’t.

MLM does work and it works beautifully for those that know how to work it. You need to go through lots of people so you can find the ones that will duplicate your efforts.

Traditionally, this has meant you had to talk to countless numbers of people.

Not any more. 🙂

With the internet, you can sort, sift and earn from many using systems.


Finding online marketing was a saving grace for my home based business.  If you haven’t looked into it yet, i recommend you at least check out what’s possible by grabbing my free training bootcamp at

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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1,145 thoughts on “ACN Pyramid Scheme? Why I’m Laughing…”

  1. Though many of us believe that MLM businesses are cons, this isn't always the case. Some like ACN are classed as pyramid swindles, which is not the case. Nevertheless you should note that pyramid schemes make money from sign up costs and such charges without actually providing goods and services. This is not the case hence the allegations of ACN pyramid con aren't correct.

    One wonders why ACN is labeled a rip-off. Is it because of the enrollment payment and subsequent monthly fees to enroll for the MLM promotion? It would naturally seem to imply that those registering would aim to win something in return for their funds they have contributed. Not all will gain in this manner, leading to claims that the operation is a scam.

    What makes it not be a ponzi operation, is the incontrovertible fact that they deal with the promoting of telecommunication services. It is the reason as to the reasons why they partner with telecommunication multinationals such as sprint, T-mobile, Verizon, direct TV and ATT among others . These established corporations would not be enthusiastic to work side by side with ACN if the claims were right. This would damage their reputation irretrievably.

    The start up amount needed, which is in the area of 500 US dollars, compared with what is required to start a business, is essentially minimum. For any partaker to realize good returns, they should work hard and stop treating it as a spare time pursuit.

    It's also important to note why the MLM approach is employed in spite of its connection with pyramid swindles. Since companies need to grow, they want more customers and staff to handle the extra obligations. The MLM approach is better as the employees / representatives are also customers.

    Considering all these aspects it is clear that ACN pyramid scam claims are not primarily based on facts. If you're looking for a way to earn income this is a fantastic opportunity. You need to actually check out the ACN free report on how to achieve success in Multi Level Marketing.

    Learn more about why the ACN Pyramid scheme is not a scam now in our super guide to everything you need to know about the ACN pyramid scam on

  2. Just had my first ACN sales pitch.  If it wasn’t meant to be a legal pyramid scheme (MLM), why didn’t they ask me to buy my phone service through them?  Why did they want me to shell out 500 bucks? 

    The share of someones monthly bill is probably in the area of 1 to 2% of said bill.  To break even for the annual renewal fees and such, you’d need to find a bunch of customers and have them STAY customers.

    ACN “reps” don’t make money off of the “services they sell” in which makes it legal, it makes money off recruiting others, and HOPING those others don’t drop out.

    And the video phone?  What a joke.  They said “oh we’re working on allowing you to put a wireless card into the back”.  I promptly yanked out the power cable and watched the phone turn off.  I said “If it doesn’t run on batteries it aint wireless.  Welcome to 2001”.

  3. Bobhope…..Well what can I say other then your lack of understanding will keep you working a life sucking job for the rest of your life!! You clearly don’t understand business and how to grow one. If you bought any other business, no matter what you sell, you have to work!! Just because you join an MLM, don’t mean you will make money! That would be like standing in your garage and wondering why you aren’t a car! You have to follow the system and do the work it takes to grow a business! With a solid MLM Company like ACN, you do do in 4 years what would take you 50 years to even come close to with your job, IF and ONLY IF YOU do what what it takes…..HELP others build their business, that will automaticly take you where ever you!
    You ask…”Why do I have to pay $500 to start my business?” It takes money to run a business! That $500 goes to the 100’s of customer servive people, Rep support, and other cost that are involved with running a company. Go buy a McDonalds and ask them why they are charging YOU nearly 2 MILLION DOLLARS to sell THEIR hamburgers?? It’s business, you will always have cost involved, even if it’s your kids kool aide stand….who pays for the sugar, cups, kool aide mix???
    But Bobhope, I have found with closeminded people like you, it’s just better to let YOU be right, and I’ll be Wealthy!! Good luck with what ever you choose to do with your one life here Bobhope.

  4. I agree that ACN is doing nothing illegal. Question for Pedro and GotResidual: What is your monthly and residual income at ACN? Or MLM in which you are participating? What is the size of your downline? Did you start at the bottom when you joined?

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