Monavie Compensation Plan – WOW!

If you’ve ever had dreams of bringing home $400,000 per month, or driving a black Mercedes convertible sports sedan past the homes of all the people who laughed at you when you got into mlm, checking out the Monavie Compensation plan might be something you want to do.


Because in it’s short 5 year history, Monavie has shattered industry records, they’ve dominated the Forbes list of fastest growing companies in 3 separate categories and they’ve produced some of the biggest checks in MLM history.

“How has this been accomplished?” you might ask.

With the Monavie compensation plan my friend.

In a word… Lucrative.

Stars and golds and diamonds, oh my!

The Monavie compensation plan is really a nice mix of up front bonus money, customer commissions and long term residual income.

Since so much money has been made and records have been broken with the Monavie Compensation plan, there have been no shortage of MLM companies who have copied this plan, hoping that they could duplicate the phenomenal results of Monavie.

So what makes this plan so special or different from the traditional plans on the market?

Traditionally, MLM companies have used 1 of 3 pay plans to compensate distributors for business building activities.

You’ve got the classic matrix plan, the dreaded balancing binary, and lastly the producers paradise of a uni-level.

What if you could combine all the plans into one?

That’s what has happened with the Monavie compensation plan.

This millionaire maker of a comp plan is what I like to call a “next generation binary”. Binary because you build 2 legs as a rep.

A left and a right. This seems to be the comp plan of choice for startups.

Why? You might ask?

It has been shown that the average person will enroll about 2 people.

The matrix plan typically require 5 to fill up the front line.

The unilevels have unlimited width with little spillover.

The binary, however, is based on the power of 2. Enroll 2, place 1 on the left, 1 on the right and then everything else spills over in you the downline.

It’s simple and it’s based upon something that most people can do.

This has an element of the matrix plan because you only have 2 spots on your first level. After that, anyone you enroll must be placed below someone in your downline. That’s the attraction of a matrix plan.

Ok, so far we’ve covered the binary and the matrix portion of the plan. What about the unilevel?

In a unilevel, everyone you personally sponsor is placed on your first generation.

In the Monavie compensation plan, they computer keeps track of all your personal sponsors and places them on your first generation (in the background). This is called the Executive Check Match.

What this means is that you can earn a check match (percentage match of the binary check) on not only your personal sponsors, but their personal sponsors, and theirs, so on and so forth for quite a few generations down. Hence, the uni-level element of the plan.

So you see, the monavie compensation plan has mixed the best of the best from all the popular plans on the market.

This is definitely a contributing factor to their incredible success.


Don’t be lulled in by compensation plan bait alone.

The best compensation plan in the world will not pay a dime if you are not able to fill it up.

The most important thing you’ll need, in Monavie or any MLM company for that matter is good marketing.

If you set up solid marketing pipeline, where you have qualified prospects coming to you on a daily basis, ready to buy your products and join your business, you can win with most any comp plan on the market.

It’s the marketing that matters.

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