Encouraging Words From The Richest Man On Earth

Elon Musk made an appearance in the Clubhouse app the other day and thankfully, someone recorded it.

My favorite part of the interview was when the moderator asked Elon… “What encouraging words do you have for people looking to start a company?”

Elon said “If you’re the type of person who needs encouraging words to start, then you probably shouldn’t start a company.”

To be clear, he was talking about startup companies, specifically, which are not the same as starting a network marketing or affiliate marketing business.

Nevertheless, a great lesson remains.

He said earlier on in the same interview that he does what he does from a deep inner calling or desire to do the things he’s doing.

Without that, no amount of encouragement can get you through the tough times that are sure to come on your journey forward.

He also said, “Starting a business is like chewing glass and staring into the abyss.

ha ha… That line makes me laugh and inspires me at the same time because it helps me to remembers what a couple of my other favorite mentors have said.

“Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy.” -Art Williams

“All good things are located upstream from us.” -Jim Rohn

Bottom line, success in life and business takes a burning desire to succeed.

That can come from something you want so bad – you’re willing to do almost ANYTHING (that’s legal, honest and ethical of course) to get.


Like Elon said – It comes from a strong inner pull, a calling from some where so deep inside, it almost feels like it’s coming from outside of you.

A mystical calling, a nudge from the infinite, a pull from the unknown.

“A destiny” as I heard Rorbert Kiyosaki say in an audio this morning.

Find that, and no lack of encouraging words will ever stop you from becoming who you’re meant to become and doing what you’re meant to do in the world.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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