The Wand Of Universal Power

I was talking to a great freedom crusader yesterday, someone who has had some very rough experiences in life, but is in the process of turning all those rough stones into diamonds for his future.

He told me what he’d been through some time ago, and my heart ached for him. Partly because I’d been in similar places before too.

I looked in his eyes and saw a fire inside.

It didn’t matter what he’d been through. He was going to take it all and turn it into something he could be proud of.

And he is.

He’s been producing consistent sales and growing his business.

I told him I was so proud of him.

He then told me that earlier this year, he got a bit down because he felt like people weren’t listening to (or didn’t want to hear) his story.

It made me think of this video, and specifically the 2:07 minute mark where one of the evil underlings says to the group of villains in a shy and hesitant tone

“Uh, hi… my name is Robert”

At which point the evil overlord looks at him in disgusting wonderment, glances at the other underlings with a questioning look and then looks back at Robert and screams…


In the past when I’ve seen this clip, I’ve laughed because it strikes me as funny.

But this time, It struck me as profound because there seems to be a great universal truth of human nature woven into this scene.

One of the greatest marketing and one on one communication lessons we can ever learn.

People care WAY more about what THEIR name is, than they do about ours.

People care WAY more about their stories, than they do about ours.

It’s only when they perceive that our names and our stories can have a positive affect on theirs, that they begin to care about what we’ve got going on.

If we understand this, we can work with it, and it can work wonders for our ability to build relationships, serve and market to whomever we are called to serve.

Perhaps this is, the REAL Wand Of Universal Power.

Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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