Xelliss Compensation Plan Review – Top 4 Standout Profit Points

In this Xelliss Compensation plan review I wanted to give you some of the things I saw, that were cool, when my friend Tim Edwards (The Xelliss Master Distributor) asked me to look into it.

I’m not a Xelliss rep, and though it might be useful to put some highlights together from the standpoint of someone who’s not currently promoting the company.

Xelliss Compensation Plan Review Video

This may not be like comp plan content on other Xelliss Reviews because I’m not going to give a super detailed explanation of each point and piece.

There are lots of videos out there that you can go through to learn the ins and outs of the comp plan, or of course you can read the Xellis comp plan PDF here, if you want to be a nerd and dig deep. 🙂

Some Things I Love About The Xelliss MLM Comp plan

Before I share these, I’ll preface them with what I did here.

Xelliss Cost (products)

I ran some numbers and used the hypothetical example of a customer purchasing two products on a monthly basis.

The PhycoSci AM and the A3 Caps which gives a total monthly wholesale order of about $120 per month.

The Xelliss Retail Customer Aspect Of The Pay Plan

So the first thing that I really love about the Xelliss compensation plan is the retail aspect of the plan.

The numbers that I saw in the compensation explanation illustrated that with 50 retail customers, a Xelliss representative has the opportunity to earn roughly $2,800 per month.

With a few less customers, you earn less of course, but it looked fairly -do-able to quickly build $1,000 monthly income and of course you can go all the way up to $2,800 a month and beyond.

I love this because I think far too often in network marketing, there is a 100% focus on recruiting and building a huge team and the money opportunity side of the business, and of course this creates a little bit of an imbalance.

You have a bunch of people who are joining just for the opportunity and not necessarily because of the value of the products.

And so I love that they have this in their plan.

And I also love that the numbers are high enough that a representative for Xelliss could literally go out and gather a handful of customers and still earn enough residual income to make a difference in their life.

So I love that part of the plan.

The Xelliss Team Bonus

The second thing that I love is the team aspect.

Now Xelliss is a binary, but it also has a uni-level portion of it that tracks your genealogy.

And so in the binary portion of the compensation plan, you could get paid 12% on your lesser leg.

And that’s where the team portion of your residuals comes from.

A couple of things that I love about the binary structure.

I love the potential.

I mean, those legs can run away and you can build mass leverage with a binary.

One of my first companies that I built was actually a binary.

One of the things that I remember loving about this experience was that it creates this feeling of excitement

Because in a binary you typically have two legs and what that causes is this situation where you have a lot of people working together to help each other.

If you can imagine you’ve got 10 people in line and each of those people sponsor a customer or or a distributor.

Theoretically, every one of those 10 new customers or reps could get placed below that bottom person in the line.

So it creates this incredible feeling of enthusiasm and growth and excitement.

This can really go a long way in helping to build momentum in the organization.

So I love this part of the Xelliss plan.

Xelliss Monthly Ranking Bonus

The other thing that I love about the zealous compensation plan is the monthly rank bonuses.

I won’t go into the details on the amounts here, but the thing that Xelliss did differently, from anything that I’ve ever seen in any other company is they made these monthly.

Most companies will give you a one time rank bonus when you achieve the rank for the first time.

Here’s what Xelliss did.

They said, hey, when you hit this rank, we’re going to give you a bonus this month, and then when you maintain the rank, you’re going to get that same bonus the next month, and when you maintain the rank, you’re going to get the bonus each and every month as long as you stay rank qualified.

The first thing this does is add more residual into the plan because it’s not a one-time thing, it’s a monthly thing, and I love residual income.

The other thing that I love about this is, it incentivizes people to actually build a real business and maintain it.

In a lot of network marketing companies, this one-time rank advancement bonus causes you to do all kinds of crazy things like buy tons of product and put them in your garage or put them under your bathroom sink because you want to get that bonus.

I think what Xelliss has done with their plan is incentivize people to actually build a real business, and not do those gimmicky, Scammy things that are sometimes done in network marketing in order to qualify.

So I love that this seems to incentivize the right behavior.

Ranked Legs Rank You In Xelliss

One of the things that I don’t love about a lot of network marketing compensation plans is, there are all these little hoops and things you have to jump through to qualify for the income that you built.

One of the ways that some network marketing companies do this is they say you have to have X number of personally sponsored high level leaders in order to qualify for rank and get paid.

Sometimes it’s difficult to control what other people choose to do.

In my experience, building businesses over the years is that sometimes your best leaders will leave and it’s nothing you’ve done.

They’ll just get distracted and want to go do something else.

Well, if you’re in a compensation plan that ties your rank advancement, and therefore your income, to whether or not your personal enrollments hit and maintain certain ranks, then that sets you up to have your income taken from you because of things that you didn’t really control.

What Xelliss has done with their compensation plan is, they’ve said, ‘let’s not just look for leaders that are personally sponsored as qualification or part of the qualification for the rank level status,

but instead, let’s look all throughout the organization and let’s qualify people, based on reps within the organization that they find and develop.’

I love that because it removes loopholes.

It solidifies your income in a better way.

It encourages leadership to reach down and actually mentor and help in depth.

I think this is the perfect behavior to incentivize in any network marketing organization.

Xelliss Matching Bonus

The last thing that I love about the sales compensation plan is they also do have a 25 to 40% check match starting at the Ruby level.

The thing I love the most about this is, it increases the amount of residual income that you can earn dramatically.

When I got in network marketing, it was all for the residual income.

Sometimes what you’ll find in network marketing organizations is that your residual income amounts can be really, really small.

And that’s okay because you’re going to build leverage and that’ll compound over time.

What, Xelliss has done here with this check match, they said, we’re not just going to pay the 12% in the lesser leg, which has big income, exponential potential, but we’re also going to pay a check match based on the leadership that you develop within your organization.

This makes it so you’ve got the residual from the 12% on the lesser leg, and now you have also residual income based off the residual income from other people in your group, which of course compounds your residual income.

My Verdict On The Xelliss Compensation Plan

Xelliss Compensation Plan review highlights

Taking into consideration the retail, team, monthly ranking bonus, ranked legs rank you along with the matching bonus I think they’ve done some unique things that are different and better from a lot of plans that I have looked at.

I truly hope this information has been helpful for you.

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And with that, I want to say, thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

If you have any thoughts about the Xelliss compensation plan I may have missed, please leave them down below.

I’d love to learn more from your experience with this particular comp plan.

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  1. Amazing breakdown of the Xelliss comp plan. I always love breaking down the numbers on what it takes with “Personal” sales, so I’m glad you included that part. Thanks!


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