ACN Reviews, Why I Didn’t Join…

If you are reading this “acn reviews” article, you are either considering joining ACN or you’re already an acn business builder.

Either way, the information you’re about to receive can help you move closer to cash flow, contribution and freedom.

DISCLAIMER:  Any business will have pros and cons, supporters and detractors.  I simply want to give you my opinions regarding the ACN product and business opportunity.

This is important for you to read because, should you decide to build an acn business, a great number of your prospects will have these exact thoughts and you’ll need to be able to address them.

Ok my friend, on with the review of all ACN reviews.

Let’s get this out of the way right now. Is ACN a legitimate company?

Many acn reviews answer this question with a resounding YES!

ACN has been in business since 1993 and now does business in more than 20 countries.

There have been a few MLM companies that have operated in the telecommunications market. Guess what? ACN is the largest. That’s pretty impressive.

Many acn reviews will diss the product without really giving you a solid explanation. You don’t want that, you want the truth right?

When you are evaluating any product, you really want to make sure that it fits 2 essential criteria.

1. High Demand
2. Low Supply

ACN markets telecommunication services like phone, long distance, cell phone and video phone service. Is there high demand here? Duh! Of course there is. Who doesn’t use these services? I really like the fact that ACN markets a product that fills a high demand need in the marketplace.

How about criteria #2? ACN, as a product, does not fare well on the “low competition” scale. Telecommunications services are EXTREMELY high in competition.

First of all, you’ve got all the traditional competition like the big telephone companies, cable TV, etc. Then you’ve got all the other MLM companies that have marketed these exact services.

This means that should you choose to build an ACN business, you’ll be constantly facing fierce competition which could make it difficult to find customers.

Many ACN reviews have detailed their dislike for the fact that to become a business builder you have to pony up with $500. Many folks are ok with startup costs but critics point out that for your $500 enrollment into ACN you’re really getting nothing but “blue sky”. Blue sky is a term that means you’re not getting any real solid asset or value for your money but potential non document-able value.

I agree with these critics to a point. $500 is a lot to pay without getting much in return. But on the other hand, you couldn’t even start up a hot dog stand for less than $500 so for a business that could potentially give you the freedom you’ve always wanted, it’s really a small price to pay.

Here are some key points that you won’t find in typical acn reviews.

PROBLEM 1 – Almost no markup in telecommunications services.

Because the industry is so competitive, prices are always getting slashed to beat the next competitor. This means that there can NOT be much profit margin. This can be a challengein with the ACN compensation plan as there needs to be enough money to pay distributors on many levels.

The bottom line is this. To make any serious money in ACN, you’ll have to build an organization of MASS numbers of people. Can it be done? Of course it can, but if you’re going to go through the trouble of building a large organization, why not do it with one that pays more money?

This way you can hit your goals faster and with less effort.

PROBLEM 2 – This one is a big one for me that most acn reviews miss. Let’s say you do find someone that could benefit from switching their home phone, internet or cell phone to ACN. Do you realize that these services all have contracts?

This means that in order to make a sell, you’ll have to 1st) make the presentation, 2nd) follow up for 12 months to 2 years to wait for the customers current contract to expire.

Seems like a lot of work for the small amount of commissions you’ll get from all that effort.

Many acn reviews contain hollow complaints or unfounded assaults on the company.

I’ve just given you solid reasons why I personally, decided not to join up with this business opportunity.

That being said, let me repeat this important point. ACN is a solid company, they do have a product that fills a huge need in the marketplace, and they do pay commissions based on the work you do.

If you are currently building an ACN business or decide to grow one today, you can make a lot of money with this project IF you know how to connect with targeted prospects.

With the right marketing, you can skip all the uncomfortable encounters with family and strangers at shopping malls.

Would you like to talk with like minded people that already WANT to work with you?

What if your prospects came to you pre-sold and ready to buy?

If you’d like to learn how to use the internet to generate an unlimited number of leads and cash flow so you can quickly grow your ACN business, make money, create time freedom and have a blast in the process, visit

12 thoughts on “ACN Reviews, Why I Didn’t Join…”

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  4. So you are giving good marks to the company and prospective/active IR’s in return for an opportunity to sell your online products to these people.  Ha! Ha!  Will the circle never end? ” Why I didn’t join…because I have a better way to make $$$ on these very same suckers!!”  This is what you really mean, isn’t it?  Only in a roundabout way, you do freely admit this. Hey, more power to you, Hoss.  Why not sell lists to these people!  You  are supplying a need they have.  But how many pay you for the same sets of  lists, Bob?  Or Paul? Or whomever you said you are supposed to be. Looks to me like you got ’em coming & going.  They can’t win!  Unless they perservere thru every storm for 5 yrs, right?  And like you said,  there’s easier ways to make $$$.  Like what you are doing.  How much is it to be a list-seller?  What is required, and how do you fare?  Better than your buyers, I bet.    Regaleagle75 at your service.

    • Nope.  I’m giving my honest review of the company regardless of what others think in return for the opportunity to market myself, offer value and build relationships with current and future home business professionals. 

      I don’t sell lists.  I build my own list.  That’s where my power to “inspire the willing to lives of faith, action, persistence, accomplishment, wealth and charity” comes from. 

      Thanks for the comment though! 


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