As I was reading our book of the month this morning (get it free here), I ran across a great definition of faith.

“Faith is the ability to see the invisible and believe in the incredible and that is what enables believers to receive what the masses think is impossible.”

According to Bob Proctor, if we can build the image of what we desire in our minds and begin working towards it with the calm assurance that God will handle the details along the way, we can achieve anything we want in life.

Stress and anxiety are not conducive to this faith-filled, result attracting state of being.

One thing I recently noticed had hijacked control of my focused, faith-filled attention was my smartphone addition.

Even though I wrote this post a while back, I had forgotten and let it take over again.

Is it possible that constant checking of email to look for sales notifications and the like is a manifestation of lack of faith?

Anxiously looking for the result instead of letting go and trusting the result is on its way based on your well-planted seeds?

2 or 3 days ago, I said – no more, and made one of my new daily habits to only check facebook & email once per day.

I ended my workday at 12 or so, with my consciousness then focused on other aspects of my life, leaving my business in the hands of Providence.

At the end of day 1, not only had I immediately noticed the positive effect this had on my Psyche, a few other exciting things happened as well.

  • Our realtor called to tell us about a full price offer that was on its way for an investment property we have had on the market.
  • At the close of business yesterday, 2 new customer enrollments came in while I was living my life and not focused on the business at all.

(Welcome aboard Brett Langston and Richard Contreras)

  • I just checked the email to notice that another customer joined this morning and purchased our upsell product as well – resulting in even more commissions.

For me – these are divine little confirmations or universe winks that faith is a real power and I’m excited to focus on cultivating even more of it in my life.

Have you had similar experiences or stories of the fruits of faith manifesting in your life or business?

I’d love to hear them below.

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