Sunday Update

Today is my 249th straight daily blog post and I have an update for you.

I started blogging 7 days a week when I saw Seth Godin doing it at the end of last year.

Amazing what a tiny bit of inspiration from another human being can do right?

Striving to add some small bit of value to the world through daily posts, while also striving to move the vision of Freedom Through Principle-Centered Leadership forward through these posts, has been such a value (perhaps more-so to myself than anyone else)

So, of course, I will continue – with a slight modification.

I’ve decided I want Sundays off.  🙂

For most years of my life and business, Sunday has been a day of rest.

A day to reflect and re-charge so I can give my all to the coming week.

I’m going to return to that.

Just wanted to give you, my valued subscriber a heads up.

If you don’t get an email or post from me on future Sunday’s, this is why.

I know for a fact Corene will value the extra help with getting the kid’s ready for church too, so thank you for understanding.  🙂

Off to do that now.

Be blessed and we’ll see you tomorrow.




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