The Torchbearers

Has anyone ever held up a torch for you, so you could see a bit further?

Enlightened your path to faith?

Enlightened your path to freedom?

Enlightened your path to a better way of thinking?

These people are the torch bearers of life.

They are the leaders who show us the way.

The thing about torchbearers is, their role for us is not eternal.

The torch needs to be passed on and the question for you and I  is..

Will we be the one’s to pick up the torch and carry it forward for all the others who are striving to find their way through the darkness?

That’s the challenge of the torchbearers.


Thanks for stopping by and whatever you do, always go for your dreams,

Paul Hutchings

Paul Hutchings

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6 thoughts on “The Torchbearers”

  1. Paul, thank you. You’ve been the torch Bearer and you teach us and encourage us to be torchbearers. I’ve been in torchbearer. I’ve also had people that I’ve passed the torch off to be my torch Bearer again so it’s Cycles sometimes.

    The thing about an eternal flame of that torchbearer is that we always know that and believe that we can pick up that torch and help someone else pass it off and get back in the race if we need to. And I do think there are Eternal torch bears. Thank you for this post I hope I made sense lol I’m appreciating your blog so much thank you.
    *I have to talk to text so excuse any errors.

    • Hey Sarah thank you so much for sharing that.

      And now that I think about it – even though those torch bearers physical presence in our lives may have been temporary – the light the gave us seems to always be there, burning inside – waiting for us to step into the light.

      So – you’re right! Maybe those flames are eternal.

      Thanks so much for the stimulating thought!

      And good on you for using technology for talk to text! Isn’t the world we live great!? 🙂

  2. Paul! Great post!

    Great Question!

    Great Challenge!

    I believe we ARE the torch bearers for the next generation, and how we decide to carry the torch determines what kind of start the next generation gets to have! Let’s carry the torch, and give them a massive headstart toward their own freedom! Good or good?

    • ah man – love how you put that. “How we carry the torch determines what kind of start the next generation gets to have.”

      Deciding to carry the torch – is the first challenge.

      Deciding to carry it well – the 2nd.

      Iron sharpens iron my friend! Thank you!

  3. Man Paul, Great post. In my years I have had a number of torchbearers and hopefully, I have held the torch for others. I am thankful for being open to connecting with people like you that offer their light to show the way. I believe our challenge is to develop enough self-confidence to pick up the touch and step out in front and blaze the trail. It is the great mentors like you that step out and challenge us to be better. Every day we grow and become more.

    • Thanks Peter and you hit the nail on the head! It’s all about developing enough self confidence… I think that’s such a big part of the journey that so many of us continually work on… Are we good enough to pick up the torch? Will others laugh at us when we pick up the torch? Will we drop the torch while we’re carrying it? All part of an inner dialouge that we have to WIN for the sake of the cause and the people who need the light! You are a torch bearer Peter! I’ve so loved hearing your words and watching you grow over the last few years… You’re a great man ! can’t wait to give you a hug in Branson!


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