Questnet Scam Or Legitimate Home Based Business

In the ever expanding ocean of home based business opportunities lies a multinational direct selling company known as Questnet.  Is there a Questnet scam or is this truly a legitimate opportunity to acquire some glamorous products and even make some money from home?  I’m going to show you 3 solid reasons why there is absolutely no need to worry about any sort of a Questnet Scam.

When analyzing the legitimacy of any company, the #1 thing I always look for is length of time in business.  If the company has just popped on the market, there is cause for some serious investigation.  On the other hand, if the company has been doing business for a number of years, usually this means they are offering good products and are treating their customers fairly.  Questnet is a subsidiary of a multi national conglomerate known as the “QI group”.  The QI group has been in business since 1998.  When you’ve got a solid company behind a project, you can be reasonably sure there is no scam at play.

The next thing you need to look for is 3rd party validation.  Are there any trusted organizations or entities who have done business or given awards to the company under review.  Questnet passes this checkpoint with flying colors.  They were granted the official rights  to distribute commemorative coins  for the 200o Sydney Olympic games, the 2004 Athens games and finally the 2008 Beijing games.  This really help you to conclude that there is no Questnet Scam.

Last but certainly not least, it’s important to analyze a companies code of ethics. Does the company give consideration to doing business in an ethical and honest manner?  Sometimes, network marketing companies can get a bad reputation due to misconduct of independent representatives.  During my investigation of Questnet, I was pleased to discover that they have a publicly available code of ethics and all Independent reps must sign a commitment to ethical and professional marketing upon joining the business.  This is another big check in the “No Questnet Scam” column.

Due to the length of time in business, public recognition and commitment to ethical and professional marketing practices it’s clear that there is no Questnet scam.  If you are looking for a legitimate company that can allow you to obtain financial freedom for your family, Questnet is worthy of further investigation.

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