Market America Reviews – READ THIS NOW!

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Odds are you want to know the truth about this company so you can decide whether or not you can build a solid financial future with Market America.

The market America reviews you get from the people that are trying to recruit you will be tainted.  They are obviously going to tell you all of the good with none of the bad. read more

Monavie Compensation Plan – WOW!

If you’ve ever had dreams of bringing home $400,000 per month, or driving a black Mercedes convertible sports sedan past the homes of all the people who laughed at you when you got into mlm, checking out the Monavie Compensation plan might be something you want to do.


Because in it’s short 5 year history, Monavie has shattered industry records, they’ve dominated the Forbes list of fastest growing companies in 3 separate categories and they’ve produced some of the biggest checks in MLM history.

“How has this been accomplished?” you might ask. read more

ACN Pyramid Scheme? Why I’m Laughing…

I was researching “ACN pyramid scheme” on google and was led to this realtor’s website where he posted the following picture and said that there was an ACN pyramid scheme.

I am laughing out loud as I write this post and I’m about to tell you why.  Maybe we can have a laugh together.

This picture illustrates the argument used by many people to claim that network marketing and companies like ACN are pyramid schemes.

This argument states that because you’ll eventually run out of people in the world to provide revenue to the company or the project, that it must be a scam. read more